Welcome to my new blog!

Uncategorized / Saturday, July 21st, 2018

I’ve created this blog to explore different facets of clothing from the late 1850s through the mid-1860s–the questions, the research tools, and the details that move us all forward from basic Civil War-era fashion.

There are certain issues that come up over and over again for reenactors and scholars of this period, such as: Which styles are right for which fabrics? When were certain things worn, and by whom? What are the construction details that set certain period clothes apart from modern costumes? What accessories can I make and use to amp up my impression? What research resources are available and how do I use them?

Please be sure to check out the perma-links at the top for information about me, for a very long list of FREE on-line books and magazines with mid-century fashion and material culture, and for a set of recommended resources for the enterprising researcher.