So, you've looked through the Inspiring Images and now you need to find the pattern that will help you recreate your favorite style. Take one of the links below for the lowdown on every Regency pattern I've been able to find. After you read about the good, the bad, and the ugly, go to the Links page or hit Google to find a dealer for that pattern.*

Once you've chosen a pattern, go to the Costume Tips page to get tips on what fabrics and trims to use, where to find the right accessories, and more.

* I do not sell patterns.

        W O M E N ' S    P A T T E R N S
Gowns & Robes
Easy to complex: back-fastening and drop-front gowns, open robes, & more.
Corsets, shifts, stockings, pockets...all the underpinnings.
Outer Garments
Spencers, pelisses, capes, and shawls to add warmth—or just style.

        M E N ' S    P A T T E R N S
Waistcoats & Breeches
The basics of a man's wardrobe, of medium difficulty.
Shirts & Accessories
Shirts, stockings, and other wardrobe items of low to middling difficulty.
Coats & Greatcoats
Coats require the most ambitious tailoring techniques, but are well worth it.

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