Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion: Men's Patterns

~ Men's Coat & Outerwear Patterns ~

A rundown of the patterns available for men's Regency coats, greatcoats, and cloaks.

Coat Patterns.

Rocking Horse Farm 1795-1820 Regency Tailcoat pattern. The basis of any Regency man's outfit--but despite the name of the pattern, this is only for late Regency.

Price: About $20.

What You Get: A pattern for a tailcoat.
  • Pattern for basic double-breasted coat with tails.
  • Choose M-L or XL-KG.

What's Good
  • A typical late-Regency look.

  • Claims to be for 1795-1820, but the waist seam didn't appear in men's tailcoats until at least 1810.
  • Rocking Horse Farm patterns are a bit of a gamble--some work, some don't.
  • No size small!

Bottom Line: Recommended with Caution for late Regency only. Not appropriate for early Regency, and probably not the easiest pattern.

Patterns for Uniforms.

Rocking Horse Farm 1812 Dragoon Coatee and Pants pattern. Early 19th-century uniform.

Price: about $25.

Bottom Line: I don't know anything about this pattern, but judging by this company's other patterns, I'd say it's more a jumping-off point than a perfectly accurate reproduction. Still, seems a good value for both coat and trousers, and the illustration looks to have good period-accurate details (no front darts, narrow-fall trousers, etc.).

Outerwear Patterns.

Mill Farm Man's Great Coat. A great-coat with one cape.

Price: About $15.

What You Get: Pattern for classic 18th-century great-coat.
  • Pattern for double-breasted great-coat with shoulder cape and collar.
  • One size.

What's Good
  • Very useful, typical garment.
  • Mill Farm patterns seem to be well-researched.

  • I haven't made this myself.
  • Only one size provided, so not good for the very small or very large man unless you're good at scaling patterns.
  • Really an 18th-century pattern--but still good for early Regency.

Bottom Line: Recommended for average-sized men, for early Regency.

Rocking Horse Farm Coachman's Coat. The classic Regency men's overgarment.

Price: About $19.

What You Get: Pattern for classic 19th-century multi-caped great-coat, known as a garrick.
  • Pattern for single-breasted great-coat.
  • Can be made with one to three shoulder capes.
  • Fastens with "double button closures"; I think this means a tab arrangment.
  • Choose S-M-L or XL-King.

What's Good
  • Very useful, typical garment of the entire Regency period.
  • Good range of sizes.

  • I haven't made this myself, and Rocking Horse Farm patterns are unpredictable.

Bottom Line: Recommended with caution for entire Regency period.

Atira's Fashions Badawia's Burnous. Atira's Fashions specializes in patterns for belly dancers and Middle Eastern musicians. However, their burnous (cloak) is a classic style.

Price: About $9.

What You Get: Pattern for simple cloak.
  • Pattern for cloak in two lengths.
  • Can be lined or unlined.
  • Pattern for hood.
  • Choose one size for men, one size for women.

What's Good
  • Not a stylish garment for men, but poorer men would still have worn them.
  • Useful for a range of other periods as well.

  • I haven't made this myself.

Bottom Line: Recommended for lower-class men only.

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