Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion: Your Costume

Visitors periodically ask me where to find a site just like this one, but for another era. There are plenty of great sites about every period of costume, but the ones listed below are great overview/how-to hubs and excellent starting places for both beginners and more advanced costumers alike.

Medieval (pre-16th century)

Reconstructing History
Kass McGann's focus is on authenticity and do-ability - an encouraging combination. Browse through the other eras on her site, too.

Renaissance (15th-16th century)

The Elizabethan Costuming Page
Drea Leeds' site is the grandmama of comprehensive how-to costuming guides, and the primary inspiration for this site.

The Renaissance Tailor
Lots of how-tos, with more being added all the time. Click on "Demonstrations."

Baroque (17th century)

Caroline Vincent's Goodwife Pages
Unfortunately this is not particularly in-depth, but it is a place to start and includes tips about adapting scaled corset patterns from earlier periods.

L'Age d'Or Late Stuart Historical Resources
This site skips the beginning of the 17th century, but is otherwise nicely comprehensive. Boasts helpful galleries of contemporary portraits and modern re-creations.

Rococo (18th century)

La Couturiere Parisienne
Although this site now offers information on a variety of era, it seemed to begin as a love affair with Rococo fashions and offers some of its best coverage in that area. You'll find lots of images and scalable period patterns.

Romantic (1825-1845)
Fairly comprehensive overview of this much-overlooked period, though no how-tos.

Victorian (1840-1900)

Victorian Costume Site
Really more historically oriented than costuming, but has a nice set of image galleries.

La Couturiere Parisienne
A plethora of images, as well as scalable patterns beginning about 1850.

The Ladies' Treasury of Costume and Fashion
A little disorganized, but lots of interesting information and scalable patterns.
Not much how-to, but a great deal of information and images.

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