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Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion. Take a look at my samples, prices, and a discussion of how I work. I make non-Regency garments also: historical costumes of all periods and custom-designed special-occasion clothes! Bid, Buy or Sell on eBay! Yep, eBay. Most seamstresses of simple, low-margin Regency gowns don't stay in business long - honestly, it's a recipe for burnout - so their websites come and go. But there's always someone on eBay with low-priced, simple cotton gowns.
The Knight Shadow will make you a complete Regency men's outfit, from cravat to coat. Remember that a custom Regency coat is an ambitious undertaking and prices will reflect that. Jas. Townsend & Sons has a great online catalog of mostly eighteenth-century but some Regency-era clothes (particularly men's), plus patterns and many reenactment supplies.
C & D Jarnagin Company is a "Provider of Fine Wares from 1750 through 1865" offering men's military and civilian clothes and equipment. Click on "War of 1812." Calapooia Traders offers 18th-century clothing, but some works for later - especially their wool greatcoat (Regency garrick); while not cheap, it would make a cool coat for modern wear as well!
All Dressed Up is a rental company for those times when you don't have the time or the money to buy or make custom garb. Click "Themed Weddings" to see beautiful 18th-century costumes.


Barry's Capezio sells dyeable white satin ballet shoes with full leather soles, quite close to period ball slippers (search for satin ballet), under $20. For men's formal or women's day wear, try the black leather version with a full suede sole (search for DJ105). Weddings for Less has nice matte-satin ballet flats (this fabric looks less plasticky than the usual blue-white nylon satin) with long ankle ribbons in dyeable organza.
For those of you in the U.K., Stagestruck sells a very period-looking white-kid half-boot in child and adult sizes for 32, and full-soled jazz shoes for men's Regency impressions. River's Edge Dancewear's canvas jazz boot makes a cheap Regency half-boot at $17.60; replace the half-soles with full leather at a shoe repair shop. Black, or special-order four colors.
Back Bay Dancewear provides another nice option for men's formal and semiformal wear: a jazz shoe in black or tan, probably more comfortable than a ballet slipper. Only $23. Also available in children's sizes! Thomas Lincoln Boots & Brogans offers replica square-toed leather knee boots, in several minor style variations (similar to these but without the turndowns), for the quite good price of $150 the pair.

Hats & Bonnets

Hatcrafters sells felt hats wholesale to the public. Ladies' are poor repros, but men's are excellent: Empire or Young Man for early Regency, Cabbie for mid, Beau for late, Colonial Bicorn for dress. Clearwater Hats offers fewer but fancier, more finished men's hats than Hatcrafters. Click on "Fur Trade" for a variety of hats appropriate to the Regency (although, Alas! no more chapeaux bras).
Austentation offers extremely reasonably priced Regency hats and bonnets, many of which are fine replicas of period styles. Also caps, reticules, patterns, and a good links page. Worth a look! Enhancements Costume Supply offers a wide range of men's felt hats, including bicorns in numerous styles, plus millinery supplies. Send $2 for catalog to PO Box 8604, Anaheim, CA 92812-0604; fax (714) 638-4545.
Bradley Company of the Fox sells cotton day caps, low-crowned straw hats, cockades, felt hat blanks, and voyageur caps. Select "Hats & Caps," then keep hitting the "Next Item" oval. offers an "Amish Bonnet" in black or white cotton which is really quite presentable for Regency - and is priced at a very reasonable $16.

Other Accessories

Hamilton Dry Goods sells inexpensive over-the-knee socks (a.k.a. fairly period-correct stockings) in cotton and wool, nice leather gloves with gauntlets, and well-priced ladies' wool capes. Weddings for Less offers reasonable prices on white cotton gloves in a range of lengths; also A-line petticoats that form the right shape (though in period-incorrect materials) under 1820s gowns.
Ostriches On Line offers all sorts of feathers and feather items such as fans and boas. Use the individual feathers for trims, cockades, or early-Regency headdresses for balls. Visit The Ladies' Parlor for falls - sausage curls, "grecian" curls, and braidable hanks to add to your own hair - in a variety of realistic colors, at quite reasonable prices.
Amazon Drygoods' general catalog (not on-line) includes notions such as boning and clasps, plus hats and books ($3); there are separate catalogs for patterns and shoes. Service can be slow. AlterYears sells boning, clasps, and other corset supplies, and has a large pattern catalog. Also hoop wire in case you need side hoops in which to attend court!
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's on-line shop often has lovely scarves, shawls, and jewelry inspired by period examples, such as the 18th-century-based earrings at left. Past Times is now based only in Britain, so shipping is high for U.S. customers! But the ever-changing stock of historically inspired doodads and garments is still worth a browse.

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