Jessamyn's Regency Costume Links

The Greater Bay Area Costumers' Guild (GBACG) is a costumer's best friend. Don't miss the Great Pattern Review, with the down and dirty on a huge number of historical patterns. The Costumer's Manifesto is a fabulous site. Run by a woman teaching costume in Alaska, it's funny, informative, and irreverent, and offers a gigantic if messy list of costume links and costume images.
Lisa's site doesn't seem to have a title, but check out all the great examples of Regency costume on her pages - her own gowns and those of members of the Lively Arts Historical Association. Bjarne Drews is a costumer in Denmark making breathtaking historical garments. At least one beautiful Regency garment, and be sure to click through to his other site.
Koshka the Kat, also known as Katherine, provides photos and details about a number of Regency costuming projects, including a drop-front gown, a shift, and stays. Historically Dressed is the site of a costumer with an ambitious plateful of projects, including many from La Mode Bagatelle's pattern.

NOTE: For lots of links to specific instructions for making Regency costumes
(including the turban-styling and cravat-tying links formerly found in this section),
be sure to check out the Your Costume page.

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