Jessamyn and David's house stuff

Garage, Before.

Believe it or not, this is after removing most of the contents. Looking southwest:

Looking southeast, toward the door into the family room:

The Plan.

Following is the layout. North is at the top. You can clearly see the shape of the original 1924 bungalow on the right, with its south-facing front porch, kitchen at the back, and mudroom off that; as I understand it, the garage at the left was built separately in the '40s, and then the family room was added in between, around 1950, to connect the two. Click on the image for a larger version.

A closeup of the remodeled area is below. The goals of the plan were to:

- Maximize the space for wheelchair accessibility
- Make sure the bathroom could be used without going through the bedroom
- Use existing window and door openings as much as possible (one doorway and one window were cut through the concrete)
- Keep the bedroom on the south side, away from the neighbors
- Squeeze in a space that could function as another bedroom if needed
- Make sure it didn't look like a converted garage

The Completed Rooms.

The master bedroom, looking southeast (Mom is standing in the original garage doorway):

Looking southwest, with the closet door at left and the bathroom door at right (the space between the windows is the original support between the garage doors):

Looking northwest into the bathroom, featuring our hard-won mosaic floor (with in-floor heat!); a roll-under sink with granite counter and tilt mirror; and the roll-in shower, with grab bars galore and dual showerheads:

Here's how the ceiling-mounted curtain works. The camera foreshortens everything, but it's a very roomy 4-1/2 by 5-foot shower area inside that curtain:

And here's looking southwest toward the linen cupboard, which has full-extension drawers to make the stuff at the back accessible:

The study is a bit of a junk room at the moment, but when it gets cleaned up I'll add photos of it, too. And finally, it may not look exciting, but we are really loving the closet - and David can finally reach all his own clothes and shoes!